Refund and Returns Policy


  • Rentals are your responsibility
  • Do not leave them unattended in public areas
  • Handle with care:
  1. Candles/ wax, extremely hot food will cause damage and incur fee.
  2. Loose material on the floor, or rough table edges can get pulled and damaged
  3. Very oily food, food coloring, pen, paint, glue, chewing gum will stain the cloth.
  • Any damaged rentals will incur a charge depending on the severity, and is up to our discretion.
  • Props must be returned to the store clean and in the boxes provided.
  • Chair covers and napkins- please make sure to count before returning.



  • Washing is 15 shek/cloth if scheduled before event. If decided after the event 20 shek/cloth.
  • If your tablecloths are returned unwashed: shake off the dirt and fold it back into provided bags. If not folded, there is a fee of 15 shek in addition to the washing fee.
  • If you have clean cloths and don’t want to be charged for washing, you MUST put the clean cloths in separate bag and LABEL the bag CLEAN! If not labeled, the cloths will automatically get washed and you will be charged for washing.
  • You can leave it in the shed outside the store if it’s after hours. Just leave us a message or email.
  • Don’t let cloths sit dirty! It will stain and grow permanent mold. Don’t leave dirty cloths in a sunny place or hot car!
  • If you are washing them yourself, follow our clear instructions provided in the bag upon the event.
  • Return time: If you take our washing service, we need the cloths back within 24 hours of the event. If you are washing them yourself, you have 2 days to wash and return If you have any issues, contact the office for advice.



  • Please pay the driver cash directly, or if you wish to pay through credit card it’s an extra 20% (to cover taxes) on the delivery amount.




  • Non-refundable deposit: 50/100 NIS (depending on the quantity reserved)
  • Cancelation: If you cancel within a week of your event, payment of 50% of your order on file with be charged.
  • Stain/Damage: depending on severity
  • Late: 50 shekel/day
  • Returned Wet: 15 shekel/cloth
  • Not Folded: 15 shekel/cloth
  • Wax: 50 shekel/cloth (depending on severity)
  • Broken Props: price of the prop
  • Broken Box: 55 shek
  • Bag: 35 shekel


*Non- Upscale Items returned to the store will be kept for 2 weeks. Otherwise it will become hefker.